30 August, 2017

Show URLs in Spotfire Table

Show URLs in Spotfire Table

Spotfire uses auto-detection to set URL renderer for a table column. So, if all values in a column start with "http://" or "https://" it sets URL renderer.

Like here:

Spotfire table with URLs

Moreover, it is possible to set URL renderer for columns in which the values do not look like URLs. But these values can be used as parameters for URLs.

Like here in the "Param Links" column:

Spotfire table parameterized URLs

The only step you need is to specify URL with a placeholder:

Spotfire URL renderer settings

via "Table Properties->Columns"

Spotfire column properties

Don't forget to choose "Link" as a "Renderer".

See more about Spotfire on GitHub

Xantorohara, 2017-08-30, Spotfire 7.8.0

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