29 August, 2017

Show images in Spotfire Table

Show images in Spotfire Table

Imagine that you have a table like this:

Service Name Service Id
Slack slackhq
Travis CI travis-ci
Zenhubio zenhubio
Atom atom

And you would like to see icon images in the "Service Id" column.

You know there is a storage with images, with URLs like this:

https://assets-cdn.github.com/images/modules/site/integrators/${Service Id}.png

So, actually these images should be used instead of appropriate "Service Ids":


It is easy to achieve it in the Spotfire:

  • Open "Table Properties" -> "Columns"
  • Select column
  • Set "Renderer" type as "Image from URL"
  • Click "Settings..." and put your URL with {$} as a placeholder

Spotfire screenshot

Now you have pretty images in Spotfire Table

See more on GitHub

Xantorohara, 2017-08-29, Spotfire 7.8.0

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