04 January, 2013

Recover broken Amazon EC2 instance

Sometimes shit happens, accidentally.
Especially  when you lost ssh access to your virtual server (e.g. due to errors in  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, /etc/sudoers, /etc/group, /etc/shadow or another important config file).

When you catch errors like:

No supported authentication methods available


sudo: >>> /etc/sudoers: syntax error near line 1 <<<
sudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 1
sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting
sudo: unable to initialize policy plugin

Don't worry, inside the Amazon cloud you can repair almost all.

Follow these simple steps to solve the problem:
  1. Via AWS console:
    1. Launch new temporary EC2 micro-instance in the same availability zone.
    2. Stop broken instance.
    3. Detach root EBS volume from the broken instance.
    4. Attach this EBS to the temporary instance (as /dev/sdf).
  2. Via SSH console from the temporary instance:
    1. Mount this EBS:
      sudo mount /dev/xvdf /mnt
    2. Fix all problems on mounted file system.
    3. Unmount this EBS:
      sudo umount /mnt
  3. Via AWS console:
    1. Detach this EBS from the temporary instance.
    2. Attach this EBS to the broken instance (as /dev/sda1).
    3. Start broken instance.
  4. Check that broken instance now is healthy (available via ssh and everything is functioning normally).
  5. Then you can stop temporary instance (or terminate it)
I hope this article will make someone little bit happy)

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Aziz Ünsal said...

Thank you. It helped me a lot :)