24 February, 2009


I'm happy to introduce one more my project: PHP-reference.

This is the interactive engine for PHP documentation: the client side is implemented with ExtJS/JavaScript, and PHP for server side.
It uses original PHP documentation (processed via regexps and colored with CSS styles) as a data source.

I've tried to create it as usable as possible... any requests, ideas welcome!



Does it looks fine on mobile devices?
First I mean if there is no JavaScript support in my windows mobile browser.. And what's about opera mini?

Xantorohara said...

Do you have PHP on your mobile device? Development environment and so on...?
Or web developer doesn't have appropriate PC or MAC with popular browser?


For example I'm sitting in my bus that drives me home after long and hard work day. And suddenly I've got an idea about some PHP trick in my code! But I need PHP reference to check it and I can't wait till I get home =)
I take my phone and enter your site url - what will I see?

Xantorohara said...

In this case you will see... nothing or only news.

When PHP-reference will be popular I'll implement mobile version of this site.

Jaime Chavarriaga said...

i get visual errors when it's running with the google chrome. The google ads is appearing over the pages and hide the panel tabs.