10 September, 2007

Javascript injection

There is the way to include javascript into any html pages via 'javascript:' protocol. Internet Explorer and FireFox support this.
Just open web page and replace site's URL with some javascript e.g.: javascript: alert('WOW!');

I've released online tool for web developers that based on this feature - Hyperbox. Developers can use it for design tasks.

It is simple to use:
  • Open any site (e.g.: google.com).
  • Replace site's URL with this string:

    javascript:(function(){var s=document.createElement('script'); s.src='http://xantorohara.jino-net.ru/hyperbox/hyperbox.js'; s.type='text/javascript'; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s); })();

  • Move it, resize, change color and borders, measure.

This javascript tool is absolutely free for using and modifying.
Everybody may download the script from my site and investigate it.

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